Wonder what your aura photo would look like but don’t have an aura photographer near you? 

Do you want to know more about what your aura means?

 Would you like to learn how to sharpen your psychic abilities? 

We created The Aura Lab for anyone who wants to know more about the aura and master their own energy practices.

Auraology is dedicated to the Study of Auras.  

We wanted to create a learning hub for: 

Anyone who has gotten an aura photo.

Anyone who wants to get their aura photo taken.   

Inside this course you will learn:

  • MORE ABOUT YOUR AURA ($50 Value)
  • HOW TO SENSE ENERGY ($200 Value)
  • HOW TO SEE THE AURA ($200 Value)
  • BONUS: How to CLEAR Your Aura. ($100 Value)
  • BONUS: How to PROTECT your Aura. ($100 Value)

Total Value of Lessons in The Aura Lab $950.00

The knowledge that we have put into this course has taken years to learn and perfect. 

We could easily ask for over $200 for the content we put into this but- because we believe that this information should be everywhere… 

We want to make this information more affordable than two aura photos. 

That’s right- You get the ENTIRE Aura Lab for $77

No catch- we just want you to be able to gain more awareness around your aura and we are here to support you. 

For this very low price, you will have LIFETIME access to the Aura Lab - which will include all the future updates. 

If you want to sharpen your intuition. Increase your psychic abilities… look no further. There is something for every aura lover in this course. 

Act now and you can jump right in and enjoy all things aura!

Features & Benefits

  • Instant Downloads

    Downloads available for each lesson so you can take your learning offline and at your own pace. (Mp3 and PDF format. )

  • Auric Awareness

    We breakdown the concepts of the aura and why it is so important to be aware of your energy field, as well as that of others.

  • Spark Ideas

    Learning how to work with your intuition and increasing your psychic abilities will enhance your life from your personal life to your career.

  • See More Clearly

    Having a sharpened awareness of energy will sharpen your ability to take on the world with purpose.

Is The Aura Lab For Me?

If you answer YES to any of these questions, then this is a course for you!

  • Do you want to know more about your aura?

  • Are you interested in developing your abilities to sense or see auras?

  • Do you want to learn how to clear and protect your energy?

  • Are you curious to what your aura looks like?

  • Do you want to sharpen your intuition?


  • How long does this course take?

    You can do it at your own pace! The lessons are meant to be taken one by one - or you can skip around as you wish! We built this course to be like a "choose your own adventure book" or experimentation station. Since we are all looking for different things, you might feel drawn to go out of order and come back for the scientific/technical stuff later. All good! (see curriculum for lesson details)

  • How long will I have access to this course?

    You will have LIFETIME access to this course. There will be updates as we go along and you will benefit from that as well as a member of The Aura Lab.

  • I've never had my aura photo taken... Is that necessary for me to participate?

    We built this program for anyone who wants to know more about the aura, whether you have had a session with us or not. All you need is the hunger to learn more about the energy around you and an openness to try our intuition building exercises!

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Welcome to The Aura Lab

    • Introduction to The Aura Lab

  • 2

    All About the Aura

    • What Is The Aura?

    • Layers of The Aura

    • How The Aura & Colors Go Together

    • Aura Color Cheat Sheet

    • Deeper Meanings of The Aura Colors - The Guide

    • Do You Know The Aura Colors? - The Quiz

  • 3

    How to Read the Aura

    • The Anatomy of The Aura

    • Aura Photo Diagram

    • How To Read An Aura Photo

    • Practice Reading Auras

  • 4

    How To Sense Energy

    • Introduction to Sensing Energy

    • How To Sense Energy - The Guide

    • Developing Clairvoyance with Flower Visualization

    • Feeling Your Own Energy

    • Feeling The Energy Of Others

    • The Button Pendulum

    • Make A Book of Symbols

  • 5

    How to See the Aura

    • Introduction to Seeing the Aura

    • How To See The Aura - The Guide

    • Coloring Auras

    • Seeing The Aura of a Plant

    • Seeing Your Own Aura, I

    • Seeing Your Own Aura, II

    • Seeing The Aura of Others

  • 6

    BONUS: How to Clear the Aura

    • How To Clear The Aura

    • Clear Your Aura With: Grounding

    • Clear Your Aura With: Smudging

    • Clear Your Aura With: Cleansing With Water

    • Clear Your Aura With: Combing the Aura

    • Clear Your Aura With: Bathing in the Sun

  • 7

    BONUS: How to Protect the Aura

    • How To Protect The Aura

    • Protecting Your Aura with: Florida Water

    • Protecting Your Aura with: The White Light

    • Protecting Your Aura with: Tantric Necklaces

What People Are Saying

“I left with a still, better understanding of my aura and what I'm emitting... the photog/lightworker (Lisandra) is a truly a Modern Mystic: So accessible and cool. I would recommend Auraology to all my friends. ”

Margaret M.T.

“ It’s such a validating experience and makes me tear up every time. I trust Auraology and Lisandra like I trust my therapist or my doctor. They’re like primary care providers for your aura and energy! And truthfully, even if you don’t “believe” in the magic or think it’s too “woo woo,” at the end of the day, it’s still a BEAUTIFUL photo of yourself that you can cherish forever. ”

Kathleen C.

“My aura reading brought me to tears! I was so happy to be receiving so much information about what I am emitting to the world! I have been setting some intentions, based off this reading, and I couldn't be happier. This experience was awesome and I recommend it for anyone who wants to see their own magic.”

Courtney F

“...I really gave me such a sense of peace and wellbeing. The lightworker was so kind and empathetic, I can honestly not be more thankful. It was truly a magical experience.”

Rachael K.


Lisandra Vazquez

Owner of Auraology

Lisandra has been a professional photographer and intuitive artist for over a decade. A little over two years ago, the mission to bring Auraology into the world came as a major download during a 40 Day Meditation. (Can't make this stuff up) Since then, she has been traveling all over the country reading auras for people from all different walks of life. Her mission is to help everyone understand and be able to use their own power for the betterment of their lives.

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